Lucid is a small device that monitors domestic levels of air quality, noise pollution & water potability, and provides recommendations for how to maintain a balanced, healthy home

the complete environment sensor



urban outdoor planters made from local, upcycled materials

designed by the neighborhood for the neighborhood


Past Events

April 11, 2019: Garden Train Workshop, Park Slope

April 23, 2019: Earth Day Initiative Demo Booth, Union Square


DIY Blueprints (for screens)

Plant Name Plaque (option to order laser cut wood)

DIY Blueprints (print & fold)


Community Design-Build Workshops

Sidewalk Roots works with residents of neighborhoods to create planters for their outdoor public spaces, using materials from their local businesses, and plants native to our city. Workshops can take place in gardens, schools, or businesses.

By engaging community groups, these events can offer education around local plantlife, waste streams, upcycled materials, and community engagement -- but also act as a platform to crowdsource ideas and design strategies for relevant, impactful urban renewal.


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