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Sidewalk Roots Booth & Union Square's Earth Day Event

project & event coverage by new school news

The Earth Day Initiative's Union Square event was hosted in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 23, 2019. I ran a booth demonstrating the Sidewalk Roots project, guiding participants in designing their own planter, and providing education about upcycling and local production.

Garden Train Design Build Workshop

community engagement session

As part of Sidewalk Roots, a semester-long Industrial Design MFA project, I led a design-build workshop with members of a local non-profit organization. At a library in Brooklyn, I led a session where the group constructed outdoor planters with upcycled 'waste' materials while learning about native plantlife, upcycling products, and local waste streams.


Finding New Meaning in a Career Using the Same Old Tools of the Trade

thought piece

Lessons from doing research with NYC's homeless population on the transferability of our professional capabilities, and how that helped uncover the importance of collaboration beyond your own network

For Driverless Cars, Failing to Understand the User Can Tank Innovation

blog post

Comparing cutting edge technology in the automotive industry to historical four-wheeled flops can help us understand the importance of carefully researching innovations with consumers


Ad Blocking Summit @ Horizon

marketing industry panel event

Media coverage of a panel discussion I planned and executed on the topic of ad blocking in digital advertising, attended by 200 industry professionals


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