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strange faces of strangers

"I told him to pick it up, and asked if he was a litterbug. I said I bet his parents are litterbugs
"I really wish this photo gallery incorporated a little more gender-bending..."
"So I ask him if we're exclusive and he says, eh – who knows! And I say, well... you do."
"What's up!! Shasta!! How was jail?!"
(screaming very loudly) "This park is so quiet!!"
"You know that tense moment after the subway doors close, but before an old person has fully sat dow
"Eh... she always takes Mondays off."
"If you can't get the same tattoo, how the fuck are you supposed to live together?"
"... and for those five months, my closest neighbor was a horse."
"I have this irrational fear of becoming a meme..."
"I just went on for like fifteen adjectives, just to tell her all the ways she's better than me!"
"It's crazy! For a hoarder, she has like, a LOT of protocol."
_illustration: Welcome


selfie stick retrospective – 1870
selfie stick retrospective – 1960
selfie stick retrospective – 1980
strange birds
strange birds
strange birds
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_illustration: Welcome
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