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Google Product Line Category Analysis

To more formally define their approach and narrative around existing + upcoming product lines, Google was interested in exploring the competitive landscape of laptops, smartphones, and smart speaker products to find the whitespace among thematic areas that could inform the voice + personality of future Google / Pixel products.

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Design Research: Services

At-home Diagnostic Kit Design + User Study

Landau Design developed the research methodology and created discussion guides for a study exploring the use, intuition, comfort levels, and compliance surrounding a variety of at-home diagnostic kits and the design of their boxes, instructions, and digital interfaces.

Design Research: Services

NYC Housing System Ethnographic Research

Ethnographic research was conducted with individuals experiencing homelessness about the housing + social services systems on behalf of three NYC non-profits over the course of five months. The intent was to bring new design thinking perspectives and ideas to a variety of topics including social services, housing systems, and policy serving NYC's homeless population.

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Design Research: Services
Design Research: Text
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